Meet the Elders

At Oak Hills Church, shepherding elders are charged with caring for the church. We have taken a vow to care for the flock at our respective campus in a pastoral and shepherding role. Alongside our spouses, we help create a positive spiritual climate within the overall church body. Just as a shepherd cares, prays, protects, and loves his sheep. We are here to care, pray, protect, and love you.

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Adams - Hollon

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Roosevelt & Patricia Adams

Jon & Joanna Anderson

Evan & Karyn Barnett
Jim & Julie Barker
Otis & Maryan Baskin
Tom & Marian Cates
Caleb & Carie Chance
Gary & Paula Chance
Brad & Karan Clark
Gerry & Sandy Crites
Chad & Jamie Darter
Travis & Alisha Eades
Tyler & Sharlynn Ferris
Steve & Cheryl Green
Jerry & Janet Hale
Russell & gina harrison
Jeff & sarah henderson
Jerry & Randa Hollon